Cortex Emulator
This contains the Windows Cortex Emulator and an image of the original EPROM firmware.  Simply unzip these two files into a folder and you have a Cortex.
Disk Images
Here are the disk images to use with the Emulator or a Cortex.  These are probably the only copies in existence so I hope they don't infringe upon any copyright issues. 
EPROM Source
The entire Cortex EPROM source code files, along with an Assembler & Linker to build an EPROM image identical to the original.  Now you can customise your Cortex firmware!
PC Comms Utility
Use this utility and your Cortex to create actual disks from the above images.  All you need is a simple 3-wire cable.  See the README file for full details.
MDEX Disk Utility
A utility used to extract MDEX files from an MDEX Disk Image.  This was used to extract and create the SAFORMAT.cas and DISKIMG.cas used by the PC Comms Utility.
Cortex EPROMs
Images of Cortex Basic and Fig Forth EPROMS.  Contains both individual EPROM images as well as combined images for use with the Emulator.