The Powertran Cortex was a 16 Bit Home/Business Computer that appeared as a construction project in Electronics Today International (ETI) magazine.  It was spread over three articles spanning November 1982 through January 1983. 

It started out life as a design created by a few talented engineers who were working at Texas Instruments UK.  Having created this masterpiece, they found themselves conflicting with TI's Business and Home Computer divisions, so were unable to make it a commercial success.  The solution was to have it published in ETI and have kits (and fully built units) available from Powertran Cybernetics. 

This website tries to preserve all known resources for the Cortex and there's lots to explore:

  • A Windows-based Cortex Emulator. 
  • Lots of Floppy Disk images for use with the emulator or a working Cortex.
  • PC utilities to help those who have a working Cortex create disks for it.
  • The complete ROM source with an assembler/linker to create you own ROM images for use with the emulator or Cortex.
  • Software Manuals
  • Construction Articles
  • User Group News Letters
  • Datasheets and more!
The Powertran Cortex thread over at Vintage Computer Forums is an interesting read.  There are posts by current and past owners and also some input from one of the original designers.  My username is tms9995 if you want to get in touch.